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 A Boujee Luxurious Salon Experience


Violetz Salon specializing in Invisible Bead Method Hand Tied Hair Extensions 

Placed throughly with preceision there's nothing like IBE when it comes to natural movement

Invisible is a word thrown around a lot in the extension world , with IBE thats exactly what you are getting from install to grow out to everything in between

Comfortability-put your rows up directly after an install

Versatility-completely customizable placement opportunities and no beads ever exposed giving you seamless styling options 

Durability-no beads exposed during grow outs, no excessive shedding or sagging, no tension sores

It's all so securely there.

We obsess over grow outs and for a good reason! We care SO much about scalp health, so extensions don't have to be a life sentence if you don't want them to be..they can be an enhancement to your life.


Located at 10255 Commerce Drive

Suite #124

Carmel IN 46032


Hello Gorgeous, the real beauty is  seeing what's invisible to others.  Welcome to your NEW HOT SPOT.... you obviously have great taste. Extensions are a mega confidence boost and instant gratification. Safely protect your scalp, wear your hair up in a ponytail or messy bun, no bulky wefts. IBE extensions lay as flat as a pancake. IBE can be customized to you in any way regardless of how thin. There is nothing like pulling your hair up ,exposing your row and seeing nothing but BLEND! What goes into a good blend, first comes color matching your extension hair to your natural hair. Your stylist will custom root color your extensions so they look like they are growing right from your head. No matter how hard anyone stares ... there will be nothing to see but blend.

Step 3


Invisible Bead Extension pricing is different for everyone. SO why a consultation first ? We believe in transparency and building long term relationships with our guests. Violetz Salon consultations are very thorough. We sit down and discuss exactly what you are looking for with your hair what color and extension lengths are going to look great on you. A consultation at Violetz Salon is more than just showing photos it's getting a full BIG picture plan in place. You will also get a copy of our notes so you know exactly what we talked about. Included a full quote for the first service and any services following to complete the look. From there you can decide to go forward. We look forward to working with you and helping you feel beautiful. Tap the button below and book today.

IBE Extension + Color Pricing 

ALL Installs include color, hair, shaping, cutting,install fee. Does not include major color change or corrective color 

*All pricing is an estimate
 price is given at consultation we may need to add a few more wefts upon install so it could end up being a bit higher including changes made after consultation 

18' Install-26 inches
includes minor color touchups 

1 Row 1850 & UP
2 Row 2450 & UP
3 Row 3800 & UP

20 inches & UP are speciality length pricing 

Color $ starts at $285 & up

1 ROW   $315
2 ROW   $500
3 ROW   $850 

ALL VOLUME Reinstall above pricing start rate & UP


Please know we may need a few more wefts upon install or another row to give you the best possible outcome


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Kevin Murphy

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10255 Commerce Drive Carmel Indiana 46032 Suite #124


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