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beautiful girl  hair coloring in ultra blond. Stylish hairstyle curls done in a beauty sal

Let's talk extensions Helping busy women achieve a seamless grow out to extend their time between visits 




Violetz Salon specializing in. HANDTIED High End Extensions  


Luxury Hand Tied Hair Extensions


Violetz Salon was established in 2012, Tiffany is an IBE Master Extension artist, certified with IBE, NBR.

Violetz Salon uses top quality luxury handtied hair privately sourced from Europe wefts lay flatter than flat to the scalp, tangle free and lasts 4-6 month. Knottygurl hair is 100% pure remy European quality hair using raw materials.Our hair extensions break all the rules.


Experience the most lightweight feel and experience effortless customizable comfort.

WHAT IS a Lux Install  ? Placed throughly with precision there's nothing like IBE when it comes to natural movement.

WHY LUX -Invisible is a word thrown around a lot in the extension world , with IBE thats exactly what you are getting from install to grow out to everything in between

Comfortability-put your rows up directly after an install

Versatility-completely customizable placement opportunities and no beads ever exposed giving you seamless styling options 

Durability-no beads exposed during grow outs, no excessive shedding or sagging, no tension sores

Luxury Extension PERKS -It's all so securely there.

We obsess over grow outs and for a good reason! We care SO much about scalp health, so extensions don't have to be a life sentence if you don't want them to be..they can be an enhancement to your life.