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Powder Brows - Enhance your look 

Are they for you ?

Eyebrows play a huge role of today.  There are so many different ways in which you can style your eyebrows.

Powder brows last a bit longer than micro blading which is typically around 18months without touchups. Unlike micro bladingpowder brows don't look perfectly natural , but rather like an on-point brow makeup look.

Pros of Powder Brows-

It uses a more traditional tattooing method, which means that the results will last longer. Moreover, this procedure works with all skin types, including oily skin which can be problematic for micro blading.  Most clients come back for color boosts after 12-18 months.

Finally, the eyebrow looks much more defined and dramatic than with the classic, micro blading method. The results resemble the look of wearing eyebrow powder. The procedure takes around 2 hours. A topical numbing anesthetic is left on approximately 20 minutes until it kicks in.

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