NBR Hair Extensions
White Sand and Stone

Hi,I'm Jules

Specializing in blondes, dimensional brunettes and IBE Hand Tied Hair Extensions, boho glam, blended balayage

What makes a great hair stylist ?

I think it's like trying to make a killer cocktail.  Depending on the bartender, you'll get a little bit of  a different mix each time, but to me it's:

- 1 part love of formulation

-1 part obsession with continued education

-1 part killer and unmatched guest experience with plenty of amenities

-2 parts genuine care and love of my clients

- Sprinkled with endless celebrity gossip knowledge and topped off with a twist of belly laughter.

Shaken, not stirred, obviously.


Tell me, what do you look for in your perfect hair stylist cocktail?

I am so looking forward to meeting you tap the link below to start your hair journey with me TODAY!