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HOW MANY ROWS OF NBR DO I NEED? Lisa wears 2 Full Rows

What hair is her natural & where are her

This beauty has always had longer hair like lower back length and she's in her mid 40s just had 2 babies with a few years in between. She has been a platinum blonde for the majority of her life and has been wanting lowlight for ever. Problem is most blondes can't carry of lowlites that last or look their best for any length of time the lowlife fades and the client is unhappy with result in many normal hair cases... So with that all being said Lisa's hair started to thin out, change texture and wasn't as think as it used to be. So, our plan was NBR for length fullness thickness and finally her hair could carry off a lowlite tone that wouldn't fade out. End result she wears 22ins and 2 Full Rows, length thickness, volume and multi-dimensional tones throughout. Sound familiar? Click the link below apply today. 


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This beauty has medium/fine thick texture. She's one of my OGs. She is 90% gray so we have been jet black for years. She nows wears 1 Row of NBR for volume and color. Her Color is 3 different tones all through out. We balayage in her highlights and her extensions are a custom ombre blend to reds and dark auburn tones. The 1 Row can give a little length but a lot of volume and thickness. She has wore 2 full rows in the past and ya know we are women so we like to change it up. Sound like you? Click the link below to book 1 Row for volume.

3 Rows for this babe.. Ashley 

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So this babe wore fusion extension and did not like them. She was so excited that I offered NBR as a service. She is custom blend. I highlighted her with baby lights and we tap out her root so her grow out isn't so obvious.  We have 4 different blonde color pallets overall. I always over prep your extension hair offer the best customizable blend. This babe had medium shoulder length hair. She wears 3 Full Rows. She loves her NBR extensions and is so happy to have switched over from fusions to NBR. Are you a gal ready to switch to Luxury extensions.

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