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Extension Shadowing Breakdown Keypoints

This is for extension artists  starting out or who need help figuring out how to get organized with systems and processes to get their extension business off the ground and become profitable. The 1 day mini extension breakdown course is for extension artist wanting to expand their knowledge on business, installs, color , cutting, placement, grow your hair inventory, work 2 days a week. Charge your worth, how to communicate with guests effectively, extension contracts, consultations. How to sell extension retail all while profiting and not working 60 hours a week behind the chair. 

Email Tiffany for more information 


Handtied Hair Extensions 

-Beadwork/bead sizing  


-Tension Gaps 

-Extension Weft Placement 

-Coloring of extensions  on and off the scalp

-Color Placement/Color Blending  + Toning Formulas 




- Retail must haves

-pre booking reinstall 

-consultation forms

-at home care

-welcome kits 

Come shadow Tiffany on a 1-3 row install

receive your own personal ebook on how to transform your extension business 

Email Tiff to set up time and date you are welcome to bring your own model, model will receive a free install only paying for the hair. 

Class $3000.00 for Class

Extension Hair + Color Cost for model  $900-2000+


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