Hi, Gorgeous I'm Tiff

Specializing in NBR+IBE Hand Tied hair extensions, brunetes,blondes,beachy lived in looks, color corrections


My  favorite thing about being a salon owner + extension artist is the opportunity to make my clients feel like themselves again and have the dream hair they always wanted. Hair doesn't have to feel like a chore .... it can be so fun and low maintenance. Hand Tied Hair Extensions are the perfect match for us normal girls that can't grow or have thin hair.

When you sit in my chair, plan to find a new found passion for styling your hair even if your morning's sometimes feel like sheer chaos. I make gorgeous hair easy and achievable.

Sun protection object. Straw woman's bea

I became a hair stylist because I fell in love with the energy the salon gives . It's a  full package vibe kinda feel. I come from a family of hair stylist. I wanted the opportunity to have powerful, fun connections with women day after day and I've spent 15 years making it a reality.

I am fuled by the love of coffee,  healthy eats and my furry Persian cats.  When I'm not in the salon, I'm taking business, pilates, social media courses, shopping at Nordstrom and Hobby Lobby, Ulta. Traveling anywhere tropical I can.

As a brunette myself, I found that it was hard to find stylist who knows what it takes to create dimensional,radiant brunette locks. Get rid of brass as a blonde and a brunette. While I love balayage I also love the lived in natural beauty blonde vibes. Creating those custom vibes that blend into your extensions are what makes a set of NBR or IBE look seamless, flawless and natural. I'd love the opportunity to chat more about taking your  gorgeous locks to the next level.