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Violetz Salon Polices

Appointment times and late fees

Violet Design, we strive to offer the best client experience we can. Life is busy; yes, we know it. We completely understand when things come up or don't think we can make it to our appointments on time. However, not being prompt completely disrupts the quality of your scheduled time to be pampered. We ask that you arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled pampering to ensure you receive full service. We apply a $150 late fee to your service ticket the day of; know your service may be trimmed down to fit in the rest of the time allowed. We have also had to change some things to ensure that we are promptly on time for you. Credit Card policies, Violetz Salon, will not be held liable or responsible for issuing credit refunds or disputes with credit card companies used by another person other than yourself completing the transaction. If a card used isn't the same name as the client, Violetz Salon will not be held liable or responsible for any funds or refunded. 

Tipping and checkout policies

Checkout and Gratuity Procedures/policies

An automatic gratuity of 20% is included on all total transaction service appointments. Or you are welcome. To tip a custom amount 

The cost of your service plus the 20% gratuity is standard.
A credit card processing fee of 5% is added to the total of the service and gratuity to process your payment. 

We do NOT accept Venmo, PayPal or checks.

We do accept cash credit and debit. 
 American Express is a 5% fee per swipe/transaction ( Violetz Salon or Tiffany Penn does not absorb costs). 


Appointments for minors

If you are under 18 I will need your parent or
/guardian/whom is paying for your services to fill out all NBR/IBE contract, salon release forms and NBR/IBE Hair care forms. These forms can be found on the "new client tab page"  Violetz Salon or Tiffany Penn is not responsible for what credit card is put on file and used.

Retainer Fee to secure a new extension installation appoint

Please refer to your signed and agreed extension contract. Violet Design or Tiffany Penn does not refund retainer fees or deposits and does not offer credits or exchanges. The retainer fee does not cover the cost of hair. You agree to the extension terms and conditions once your retainer fee is paid in full. This allows you to secure a time slot for the service you choose. A $250 transfer fee is due before rescheduling install. 

Cancellation Policy strict and will be enforced 100%

To continue providing guests with the best possible scheduling options, we require a 72-hour cancellation notice before your appointment. Should you cancel your appointment with less than 72 hours' notice, the full amount of your appointment service booked through our online booking app will be charged for the full-service amount booked plus a 20% gratuity of the full-service amount charged to the card you, have put on file with us through the Styleseat app? This same policy applies to no-call no-shows and last-minute cancellations; we do not cancel appointments through text, email, or social media platforms. ( Facebook, Instagram). You may only cancel and schedule through your Vagaro
We do not offer refunds, disputes, or credits of any kind. You are responsible for managing your appointments. 

You may check your appointments online at  Cancel, check, or reschedule within 72 hours before your work. We are not responsible for what credit/debit card you have chosen to put on file with Vagaro with Tiffany Penn or Violetz Design Salon.
Please understand that extension services are anywhere from 3-5-10 hour appointments. All  Extension retainer fees are nontransferable to another time slot. A new non-refundable retainer fee is required. All of  These policies above will be enforced. 

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