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Tiff's Amazon Styles 

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn 

WELCOME  to all things fun stylish different modern trendy modern edgy 


Make Up 

Skin Care 

Most Purchased Items 

Interior Design 

Funny Gits 



Funny Cards 


Date Night Fashion 

Casual Outfit Fashion

Mom Fashion 

Cat Everything 



Living Room



Stop and Drop



Professional Hair Care 



The best smells 


My fav ... pranks 


A safe place for all fashion junkies & shopping addicts 

Cotton Candy Ice Cream

AMAZON styles with Tiff
Ladies ...Take a sec or a smoke break 
Be Excited + You shop until you drop there is no tomorrow toss out the old and dated if you haven't shopped in the last 6 months to a year chances are you may look outdated 

Best fashion advice Make sure your clothes fit you .....well
Have 10 go to outfits you know look amazing together 
Archive anything over 2 years old   


Natural Cosmetic Products
Decorated Cake with Donuts

Life is short buy the shoes 

Perfume Bottles
Makeup Products

Make Up Trends become outdated as well
GO to Nordstrom , Ulta , Sephora get your makeup done at least twice a year or more 

Pink Lemon
Beach Vibes Tiffany Penn
Swim with Tiffany Penn

Sneak Peaks 
peeky blinders 
more to come ......xoxo tiff
web page still in progress 

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