The Business of Being a blonde?

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The business of being Blonde, soooo many highlights means a lot of bleach. Platinum Blonde is the dream for many.It has been the ultimate trend for decades now. In case you are still having doubts whether to consider going platinum. Being a highlighted or bleached blonde means your hair will take a little hit in breakage department. Learn what you are dealing with before jumping in action.  Platuium Blonde is the biggest trend in the hair fashion industry and is popular for all ages. There are only certain women that can sport this hair color and must be ready to make this commitment. Before making this salon appointment know how different this color can be and how to pull it off in a flattering way.  Going lighter with your locks can bring out your bone structure and make that hair shimmer in the sun like glitter, but go the wrong route and the look can turn stripy or brassy looking  very quickly. DO frame the face with highlights, placement is key.  Always, get the brightest and fattest highlights around the frame of the face.  Highlights should be darker and sparser at the root and lighter at the tips. DO have depth and dimension, Over highlighted hair that reads like one color is unsophisticated and flat like looking.  Highlights should vary in size and lightness and should accent your basecolor not overpower the look. Base color, the highlights need to match your hair's tone.  If you have a warmer base tone then you should have a warm highlight.  If you haven a cool base tone your highlights should be sandy or beige, if you have a neutral base color your highlights can either be warm or cool.

DO adjust your highlights with the seasons changes.  Go brighter and paler in the summer when you are spending more time outdoors and the earth is closer to the sun, causing and casting more of a yellow light, highlights should be more deeper and golden in the winter when we loose our summer glow and earth is further way from the sun, causing bluer light.

DON'T Add too many different colors

Although dimension is great, too much variation can look unnatural, never have more than 3 shades placed into your hair, I recommend sticking with a base color, highlight and lowlight. Let's not get carried away Rainbow Bright ;).

The business of being a blonde