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How To Care For Hand Tied Extensions

how to care for hand tied extensions

Walking out of the salon with new hair is a fabulous feeling, but what happens when you get home and have to care for your hand tied extensions?

It’s all up to you now and it can be nerve-wracking when you have to wash and style your extensions for the first time.

In this article you will learn how to care for your hand tied hair extensions and keep them looking and feeling amazing.

How to wash hand tied extensions

Tip #1: (Brush your hair before washing)

It’s important to detangle as much as possible before getting your hair extensions wet. Brush first, avoiding the weft line, to smooth your hair before washing. You will be able to work the shampoo and conditioner through your hair easier if you have separated your rows and brushed thoroughly.

Tip #2: (Separate your rows when washing)

If you wear 2 or more rows of hand tied extensions, you want to make sure you’re getting each section clean. You can part your hair horizontally between the two rows and secure the top half with a large clip or scrunchie before washing. You will get the bottom half wet first, then cleanse with shampoo. Wash the weft line thoroughly then rinse. You will then release your top section and repeat the process by shampooing and concentrating along the weft line of your top row.

caring for hand tied extensions

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Tip #3: (Gently massage weft line)

When you wear hand tied extensions, they will be placed in a horseshoe around your head. You will need to work horizontally around the rows instead of trying to run your fingers vertically down your head. You can split the row between your index and middle finger, gently massaging your scalp to fully cleanse. Avoid scrubbing the top of the wefts vigorously or pulling on the row.

Tip #4: (Do not apply conditioner to the base of your hand tied extensions)

Hand tied extensions should be conditioned from the middle of the hair strand down through the ends. You do not need to apply conditioner to the top of your extensions where they are attached to your natural hair. Use a hydrating conditioner and focus on the actual hair strand. You can gently brush the conditioner through your extensions to help detangle and smooth before rinsing.

Tip #5: (Rinse completely)

Don’t forget to thoroughly rinse your hair. With multiple rows of hand tied extensions, it can be easy to allow conditioner built up if it is not thoroughly rinsed out. Separate in between rows one last time and rinse entirely.

Can I let my hand tied extensions air dry?

You can allow your hand tied extensions to air dry but you need to make sure the top of the weft line is completely dried. Focus a blow dryer just along the top of the hand tied wefts to ensure moisture is completely removed. If the top of your wefts are not completely dried each time you wash, they can retain moisture and begin to swell. Once they swell, they will need to be replaced. In some cases, your hand tied extensions can also begin to grow mold if they are not thoroughly dried each time they become wet.

How do you sleep with hand tied extensions?

how to sleep with hand tied extensions

It is important to establish a good night time prep routine when wearing hand tied hair extensions. You will need to brush thoroughly then apply a serum for hydration. You can then secure your hair in a loose braid or bun. The goal is to keep it from rubbing on your pillowcase or getting pulled as you toss and turn at night. Keep any fastening of your hair loose and avoid excessive overdirection.

Can you sleep with wet hair with hand tied extensions?

You want to avoid sleeping with wet or damp hair when wearing hand tied extensions. It can cause the shorter return hairs of the weft (the top two inches) to become matted. This matting can ruin your hand tied extensions and they will be difficult for your professional stylist to remove. It may even ruin the hair entirely and you’ll need to get the hair replaced at your next appointment.

Can you brush your hair with hand tied extensions?

It’s important to brush your hair multiple times a day when wearing hand tied extensions. You will want to use a boar/nylon bristle combo brush for the best result. This type of brush not only detangles but also smooths and softens. You will hold your brush in one hand and use your other hand to press against the attachment points for support. Start from the ends and gently work up the hair strand towards the root. Brush in the direction your hand tied extensions are fastened, avoiding overdirecting or pulling to keep your hand tied hair looking and feeling good.

When should I move up my hand tied extensions?

move up hand tied extensions

You will need your hand tied extensions moved up approximately every 8 weeks. This will strongly depend on which method your stylist uses to install your hand tied hair. Some methods require a “mini move up” around 4 weeks where they push up the beads. Other methods will be more durable and can last longer in between installs. Your exact appointment time will also be based on your stylist’s professional opinion after taking into account your natural hair density and the weight of hair on each row. For the best results, you should get your extensions completely removed at each appointment and reset. Some methods may just “push up” your beads” at your appointment, but this can cause damage to both your hair and scalp. Invisible Bead Extensions stylists will completely remove your row and reinstall. It is best for the health of your hair and scalp if your row is completely reset at each appointment.

Final Thoughts

Wearing hand tied extensions can give the dream hair you’ve always wanted, but you also need to learn how to maintain them for the best experience possible.

Make sure you get all the information you need from your stylist on which products are recommended. Using professional products is a must when wearing hand tied extensions. Keep your hair looking and feeling its best through proper home care and product use. Also research your stylist before booking an appointment to get hand tied extensions. Ask what method they are certified in and ask to see photos of their clients installs and grow outs to ensure they are proficient and installing hand tied hair.

Become an IBE certified stylist and redefine your career!
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