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Hey Hottie, let's talk after care

Are we VIBIN" with those new hair extensions? I already know thats a hellz yassss !!! Ok, good.... Please take the  time and review aftercare to get the best experience from your color and extensions .....

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+Brush all hair to remove any tangles and to prevent matting BEFORE showering

+Use a sulfate free shampoo + conditioner Iles Formula for color and extension  longevity

+Gently shampoo all hair and massage wash with thumbs in between rows

+Do not scrub vigorously. Double your shampoo to remove product buildup

+Rinse well no product left behind

+Apply conditioner Ilese Formula evenly throughout avoid scalp, use the a Framar Brush and brush the conditioner through your hair and extensions

+Rinse all product out

+Use the Iles Formula masque to strengthen + nourish your hair.


brush & blow dry.

+Using a farmer brush, start from the ends of your hair and work your way to the top

+Once you reach the top of the weft, stop brushing

+Clip everything up leave out natural hair on bottom row, start brushing bottom row and hair underneath

+Brush all that out, drop down the rest and brush in between the two rows 

+Finishing brushing the top of your natural hair 
+Apply a heat protectant Illes Formula #3

Finishing Serum

+Gently rough dry hair 80% percent avoid tugging with comb or round brush. Use only your hands and fingers

+Fast blowdrying , section out each row and blow dry them seperate

+Use a round brush and a small amount of tension to smooth your hair and extensions, the last 20% of your blow-dry 

sleep time.

+Brush out all tangles so hair is smooth

+ GO to bed with DRY Hair 

+Do 1-2 loose fresh braids and secure with a silk scrunch or a high loose messy bun

+Sleep on silk pillow case ( can purchase from Goldie Locks app).

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