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26 inch extensions

Hi, I'm Tiff. It's so lovely to meet you! I have been a salon owner since 2012.
I started installing NBR Extensions in 2017
and fell completely
in love with how they looked and felt, but the overall outcome and confidence
of finally having thicker, fuller,
natural-looking extensions that blend perfectly, especially for finer hair. I couldn't wait
for my clients to experience my feelings with this beautiful mane.
Fast forward to 2020, and I discovered the "flip up" method called " IBE" invisible bead extensions. From there, I loved how
hidden the beads were and how versatile my hair looked when I wore it up in a messy
bun or went to Pilates. I continued my education with IBE and enrolled in their master courses, which consist of 4 courses
I am now an IBE Master Extension Artist on their different methods and "perfect blend" color techniques.  
I want my clients to have the best overall extension experience from root to tip, loving their results.

What to know about me: I am Italian, 5 ft 2 chatty, wear my heart on my sleeve,
particular and precise and highly detailed, and a clean freak. I like to stay organized. I am a Virgo.
When I am out of the salon, you can find me chilling at home working on Real Estate and watching Youtube lastest Fashion
trying my best to make it to Pilates.

I am a mother of 1 son who is a 20-year-old model in New York and attends BSU; we spend time traveling to NYC quite a bit. I have an amazing boyfriend of 10 years, and we have three Persian cats that shed like crazy.

I love to chase knowledge and wisdom; audiobooks are my favorite.
I can't wait to learn more about your dream hair goals. 


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