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Why Are My Hand Tied Extensions Falling Out And How To Prevent It

Hand tied extensions are an incredible type of hair extension to wear when you are needing to quickly reach your hair goals. They are however more difficult to install than other types of extensions, which can lead you to feel like your hand tied extensions are falling out.

Is it normal for hand tied extensions to fall out?

Your hand tied extensions may feel like they are falling out if they have been installed incorrectly. It is important to find a stylist who is certified in a high quality installation method like Invisible Bead Extensions®. You will want to look for photos of the stylists extension method grow out, to ensure that the method has the longevity you are looking for.

How do I stop my extensions from falling out?

Tip #1: Choose a superior hand tied extension method installation

Your hand tied extensions may also feel like they are falling out based on the number of attachment points to the scalp. A minimal number of attachment points will feel loose and disconnected as they grow out over the weeks. You will want to search for a hand tied install method that provides stability within the foundation.

Tip #2: Prioritize at-home care and maintenance

You may feel like your hand tied extensions are falling out if you are not using the proper home care or maintenance precautions. You will need to brush carefully and softly, not directly from the scalp, as you may rip out your extensions while doing so.

Final Words

In conclusion, hand tied extensions can give you the best results along with the most natural looking hair extensions on the market. But it is important to find a qualified stylist who has been trained properly to install them, and a method that provides stability and a strong foundation.

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